80 percent of our customers benefit from our advice and get more parental allowance (Elterngeld) than expected.

The remaining 20 percent are happy that we have taken from them the hassle of filling in the applications.

Many parents think that filling the state forms for optimal application is sufficient. They rely on the clerk in the parental allowance offices and assume that this grant parents the maximum parental allowance.

Unfortunately, this is a fallacy.

The clerk consider your application only to gross errors of form and completeness of the systems. An "optimization" of your application through specific questions through the clerk is not provided. The parental benefit is granted on the basis of the completed application and never the parents would get the idea that their actually have a much higher or longer fee paid parental allowance would have been entitled.

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Especially for self-employed provides the legislation on parental allowance and parental leave great leeway and design options. Who does not know this, given away a lot of money, a maximum of € 25,200. Once you have applied for parental benefit or incorrectly made out of ignorance misrepresentation, the authorities are obliged to reclaim all or parental allowance to the minimum amount of 300 €. For safety's sake, therefore, apply for many self-employed from the outset no parental benefits or only the minimum amount.

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The new combination options of basic parental allowance, parental allowance plus and partnership bonus months complicate the application much more. Parents with the necessary knowledge and the right combination of reference month will get more money than parents before - although, or perhaps because they are already working on an hourly basis again in the parental leave.

In connection with the introduction of the parental allowance plus organizations and experts pointed to a sharp rise in demand for advice of parents. It was also noted that the existing advisory services provided by government agencies the increased needs of parents after detailed consultation can not cover.

In addition, in some cases an early consultation, advisable before or right at the beginning of pregnancy. So a parental allowance enhancing tax bracket change only makes sense if you requested it in good time before the birth of the child, usually directly to the discovery of the pregnancy. Who does not know, has been unlucky.

Our team advises parents since 2006 on parental allowance. With our experience and expertise, we have been advised by the 10,000 parents. Most we could help more parents money. Just the fact that we have pointed to design possibilities and pitfalls of the parental benefit law and completed the application for the parents accordingly.

We advise you individually, competent and friendly.

We have time for you. For questions and inquiries.

If required, we are expanding the official application documents for additional guidance to the clerk. This allows options, which are indeed provided in the legislation on parental allowance and parental leave but not covered by the standardized application forms.

Good advice costs money. Our advice is good. And it is worth money.

Your benefits from our advice:

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Our consulting services

We offer a range of consulting services. Simply select the best suited for you.

Our consulting and application services.

We provide comprehensive advice to parental allowance and after that we send the completed application documents to you. We send you a list of the documents to be submitted. Then your parental allowance application is ready for submission to your parents benefit office.

The prices depend on the complexity and our time spent.

The invoice amount will be charged once by us, regardless of whether only one or both parents apply for parental allowance.

Consulting without application service

An advice for parental allowance should be made possible at the beginning of pregnancy. For example, you can then act on the assessment period and thus affect the calculation basis for the parental allowance positively. You can also substantially better plan your parental leave after the consultation, because the financial arrangement for the vast majority of parents is an important issue.

The consulting costs 90 EUR (incl. VAT.). If you choose to use our request service later, the cost will be credited.

Consultation for short individual questions.

If you have just a quick question for parental benefits, then please use our phone number +49(0)900 13 58 376 (@euro; 2.99 per min, different prices from the mobile network).


You can contact us by phone at Tel. +49(0)361 38039540 or send an email to service@elterngeld.net.

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Arrange an appointment now!

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You are still unsure as to whether the advice for you is worth?

We can not perform miracles and are bound by the applicable regulations. But through our long experience we know the parental allowance very well. We know all the design possibilities and can design the optimal application for you.

About us

The page www.elterngeld.net was created in 2006 by Michael Tell. He is still owner of the site and forward the application service. Mr. Tell was personally involved in the introduction of the parental allowance in the administrations. He has the parental allowance application "Elina" introduced in 2006 and made the clerk familiar with the application.

Mr. Tell is also author of the book "The new parental allowance" (publishing group Hüthig Jehle Rehm GmbH), an expert in television and TV, as well as consultants to the press. The consultant team consists of five people. We make all regular training both internally and externally. Our goal is the perfect advice. Every day and for each customer.